Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jazz Piano Chords

Here are some things you can practice to get your jazz piano chords going.

Print these documents out and create a binder where you can keep information like this as well as other music you are working on.

You will need software installed on your computer such as Foxit or Adobe to open and view these files.
  1. Download and save Jamey Aebersold’s Free Jazz Handbook
  2. Print out pages 50-51 “Piano Voicings”
  3. Practice
You could print this yourself or take the file to a print shop and have them print a copy. Jamey Aebersold’s company sends a free copy of this book anytime you order something from them. Check out the Aebersold Play-Alongs.

The next documents by Bert Ligon are available free courtesy the University of South Carolina Jazz Theory and Jazz Improvisation Examples website.
After playing the written examples. Play these same voicings in different keys. Ideally you want to be equally comfortable in every key, major and minor.
  • Start applying these concepts by learning tunes and reading chords out of a fakebook.
  • Make up your own chord progressions.
  • Play with other people!
This is FREE high quality information generously made available to the public. Send the author(s) a message thanking them for it if you find it useful.

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