Sunday, March 18, 2012

Drop 2 Piano Voicings

Drop 2 Piano Voicings are a sophisticated way of voicing chords and can be heard in the playing of virtually all of the jazz piano greats. Drop 2 is a technique that many arrangers use to spread out chords played by an ensemble. Many guitarists are already familiar with the sound of these voicings as many of the basic seventh chord grips on guitar are drop 2.

The concept behind drop 2 voicings is to take the second voice in a four note chord and drop it down an octave. Drop 2 piano voicings take quite a bit of work initially to conceptualize and get under your fingers on piano and even more so to work them into your playing but with persistent practice over time drop 2 piano voicings can become second nature. Melodies can be harmonized beautifully utilizing drop 2 voicings.

I have created a video that can help you get started with Drop 2 Piano Voicings.

The Drop 2 Voicings pdf demonstrates an easy to follow, systematic way to learn these voicings. I say easy to follow because of the way that I present the information. There's no shortcut to learning Drop 2 Voicings, the only way to learn them and work them into your playing is through focused and consistent practice.

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