Saturday, April 20, 2019

Root Position Triads Circle of Fifths Exercise

It has been a while since I posted on this site: I've been in the woodshed.

I recommend Dan Haerle's Book for learning jazz chords and harmony: Jazz piano voicing skills: A method for individual or class study

If you're learning your chords and need to work on triads try this exercise: Root Position Triad Chord Circle of Fifth Exercise for Piano or Any Instrument

General and Jazz Piano Practice Ideas:
  • Practice hands separately
  • Practice at painfully slow turtle speed along with a metronome
  • Record yourself
  • Listen to a recording of yourself
  • Sight read easy easy stuff
  • Practice Hanon
  • Work on my chord exercise above
  • Learn tunes out of a fakebook
  • Get a pair of drumsticks, practice pad, Joel Rothman's Basic Drumming, Revised and Expanded Edition or any snare drum method book.
  • Play music with other people
  • check out, for chords and lyrics to just about every song.
  • classical sheet music
  • take lessons
  • learn all twelve major and minor scales with correct fingering


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