Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ektal / Ek Taal / Tabla Lesson

EkTal or Ek Taal is a 12 beat rhythmic cycle used in North Indian Classical music. I recently performed on a concert where I was required to play this taal. I was never taught Ektal by my tabla teacher so I cross referenced a couple of books for the Theka and found this video on YouTube from WorldMusicGuru helpful as well.

Ek Taal Theka

 ||: Dhin Dhin | DhaGe TiReKiTa | Tun Na | Kat Ta | DhaGe TiReKiTa | Dhin Na :||

Ektal Kaida

||: DhaGe NaDha | TiReKiTa DhaGe | Tin Na | 
DhaGe TiReKiTa | DhaGe NaGe | Tin Na |
TaKe NaTa | TiReKiTa TaKe | Tin Na | 
DhaGe TiReKiTa | DhaGe NaGe | Dhin Na :||

||: DhaGe TeTe | GheRe NaGe | Tin Na | 
DhaGe TeTe | DhaGe TeTe | Tin Na | 
TaKa TeTe | KeRe NaKe | Tin Na | 
DhaGe TeTe | GheRe NaGe | Dhin Na :||

||: DhaGe TeTe | GheRe NaGe | Tin Na |
TaKe TeTe | KeRe NaKe | Dhin Na :||

Sources and Resources!


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