Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jazz Piano Voicing Skills

Wanna get your jazz piano on?


Jazz Piano Voicing Skills: A Method For Individual or Class Study by University of North Texas jazz piano professor Dan Haerle is very systematic and practical in its approach and will put the world of jazz piano harmony at your fingertips and into your ears if you put the necessary practice time into it.

This book was recommended to me by Amarillo College professor and UNT alumni, Dr. Jim Laughlin during my second year in music school. I personally own a small library of jazz piano books and still consider this to be one of the best and most useful. After studying this book on my own I was able to start reading chord charts and began playing piano in jazz bands.

Learning jazz piano is a lifetime study but this book can give you a major jump start.

P.S. You are also going to need a Jazz Fakebook: The Real Book: Sixth Edition

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