Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mark Deutsch - Bazantar

My friend Donovan Stokes introduced me to the sounds of Mark Deutsch years ago. The Bazantar is an invention of Deutsch's that is basically an upright bass outfitted with sympathetic and drone strings. Check it out!


  1. hello...

    Your website is marvelous, the product of a devoted musician and teacher (guru?).

    I was wondering: is there any way that you might be persuaded to continue your exposition of the Peter Schat "system" of chromatic analysis/composition, i.e., the Tone Clock?

    I did view the videos and visit the Hoostgins website but, obviously, questions remain. I say 'obviously' because although the system is accessible (i.e., it is not, for example, a recondite, 'secret' gnosticism available to the chosen few), still, it takes some time to absorb.

    Having noted that, the time it takes to absorb can be accelerated with an experienced director...

    As an example, in the one o'clock position, we note four triangular 'shapes' not making contact. Also, one point of each triangle is directed to--what?--a miniature 'clock' hour?

    I would be more than happy to sign up for a formal lesson plan, with the idea that each of the twelve 'hours' would be given a comprehensive analysis on a per-lesson programme of study (i.e., twelve lessons).


    Dean Taylor

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